Skype Guitar Lessons

                                                                      The Future of guitar learning

            Skype lessons with long term programs

Skype guitar lessons are very easy to plan, and are a very efficient way of learning and improving on guitar. This method openned a whole new perspective to me as a guitar teacher. Advantages are :








  • No waste of time: Learn guitar from where you are, in your room, office, classroom, no need for a 40 min ride way and back.

  • Warm up and prepare a song minutes before the session !!

  • Keep praticing right after the session and don't lose your feel !

  • Theme sessions are very efficient way to learn guitar, and student oriented.

  •  I can see you play in your usual pratice environment, which allows me to correct bad  habits in practice.

  • Fretboard closeups like you never seen before !!

  • You can RECORD the sessions and watch it anytime !!


5 weeks program on Skype with screen sharing

Music Production skype CLASSES


  • Step by step to create the most effective home studio environment with your own DAW and available rig.

  • How to build a solid mix step by step.

  • Stereo imaging for Guitars, strings, Drums, bass and more.

  • Using compression and Buses (Basics to professional tricks).

  • How to dial a tone, and how to adjust it to the needs of your mix.

  • Learn how to equalize each guitar in order to serve your mix.

  • Learn how to Equalize Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drums ..

  • How to boost your mix, prepare it for mastering.

  • Special Eq tricks, Compression and Buses

  • Get many FREE VSTs and impulses.

  • 3 project ready templates for mixing.

  • Screen sharing on Skype.

  • 4 follow up videos valid 1 month after the session.

  • 5 Hours 

  • Work with your own DAW ( Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Reaper)






Quick boost //   2 sessions





  • 2X One on one Skype Lessons (1 hour each)

  • Focus on Improvisation

  • Build your phrasing and develop your ideas 

  • Scales and modes helper

  • Your Questions

  • Tablatures and Backing tracks included

  • 2X One on one Skype Lessons (1 hour each)

  • Focus on Soloing (Any level)

  • Picking techniques, scales ...

  • Phrasing helper

  • Your Questions

  • Tablatures and Backing tracks included

  • 2X One on one Skype Lessons (1 hour each)

  • Focus on Strumming, Riffing

  • Picking, pick position

  • Song helper

  • Your Questions

  • Tablatures and Backing tracks included


Individual Skype Guitar Lessons


1) Choose a lesson or topic

2) Contact me to schedule a session

3) Check out


          WHAT YOU NEED


             1)  Internet connection

                 2)  Skype account

                 3)  Your guitar

                 4)  Headphones (recommended)



                  Technical Themes


  1)    Guitar Basics, how to tune practice, read tablatures and improve quickly.

  2)    Essential techniques : Hammer on , Pull offs, Trills, Vibrato, Slides ..

  3)    Bends, Bends and Pull offs, prebends, bends and vibrato

  4)    12 Bar Blues and Pentatonic soloing

  5)    Major Blues

  6)    Hybrid Picking

  7)    Chords ( Triads, 7th, Altered and more ..

  8)    Tapping Basic licks

  9)    Advanced Tapping

10)    Modes and Soloing

11)    Alternate Picking

12)    Sweep

13)    Scales and Positions

14)    Riffs and Rythms

15)    Right hand Techs


         ...  or the topic of your choice

                        Music Theory


  1)    Diatonic Scales and Relative minor

  2)    Chords and scale 

  3)    Scale harmonization

  4)    Primary and secondary scale degrees

  5)    Tonality and melodies

  6)    Building Chords

  7)    Modes

  8)    Intervals



... And much more !!!

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