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Most guitarists learn from YouTube videos and online resources.
PROBLEM is they get stuck at one point and don't get the solution and stop from progressing.

👉 I will solve your guitar issues on the spot and help you take more than one step forward!! 👈

Ask me any Guitar/ Music/ Recording & I will send you a video 🎥 reply with:

🎯 ‌The solution to your problem.
🎯 ‌Full explanation.
🎯 ‌3 exercises.
🎯 ‌Related online resources.


1) Send me your questions in a message, video or audio on this Facebook page.
In English 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 or in French 🇫🇷
👉 Be as precise and as clear as possible👈

2) Check the link you receive.

3) Receive a full video answer (up to 10') with full explanation, exact solution & exercises to overcome your problem.
👉 I won't be restrictive in my answer & tell you everything you need to know, do or practice


🎯 Solution & exercises to solve your issue on guitar and move forward.
🎯 A professional & neutral assessment of what you need to do.
🎯 A personalized answer with full explanation.

🎯 You won't waste your time.


̶1̶0̶ ̶€̶ + 50% OFF = 5 € (or equivalent for other currencies)
Secured Payment via 💳 Credit card 💳 Or PayPal


🎯 I will read your question & send you a check out link only if I have the solution.
🎯 I will only send videos that deliver.
🎯 Also, I'm an active online guitar tutor and guitarist, you can easily find me online and chat with me anytime.


✍How can I improve my guitar picking?
✍I'm stuck on this part of this song, here is a short video of me playing it.. What is wrong & what should I do?
✍I'm a total beginner, can you give a road map to what to do for next month?
✍How to play and sound Dorian on guitar?
✍Please help me learn to play legato phrases?
✍How can I learn sweep picking?
✍How to hold a guitar pick?


I'm an experienced online teacher. My specialty is to make a precise assessment of your problem on guitar and give you the solution on the go.

I have been active for the past ten years at online guitar teaching and I'm passionate about it. My main approach is about rethinking the way we learn in general & guitar in particular. This approach demands constant improvements & an open mind.

Online Guitar 911 bridges the advantages and convenience of online technology & my guitar experience to serve guitar players an adequate solution, the fastest & simplest way.

🎸🤘Looking forward for your requests🤘🎸

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